Thursday, March 10, 2011


LOAF , the bakery, opened it's doors the weekend before Thanksgiving, last November. We are located on Warren Street, in Hudson NY, in the storefront which is usually LICK, the ice cream shop. The boys who own LICK asked us if we would like to use the storefront for the winter months while they are closed. We said yes, made a sign, told the town we would be giving away free pie the first day, and started a bakery.  There are three of us involved in the bakery. Rachel and Gabby, my partners, are a couple who make fantastic breads - from a baguette (more Italian than French) to a wonderful, beautiful cinnamon swirl, and a lot more in between. Everyone in town talks about their bread, and one customer asked Rachel if she put opium in her dough...hmmm. I bake the pastry end of things, croissant, cake, cookies, treats, and the brioche (which, if you ask me, is more cake than bread). We all three work very very hard, but it has been a success, and we are happy to keep going, supplying Hudson with a LOCAL bakery (no interlopers us...we all live on Union Street). The bakery will be moving at the beginning of April up a few blocks into the coffee shop SWALLOW which we all think is a great merge. We don't have to worry about coffee, and they don't have to worry about food. Capital C for of the many reasons this town is great. So that's it for the bakery for now. Next post will be about the other half of this endeavor....LOAF the verb. (another one of my most favorite things)

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